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"They that can give up liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

Latest news - edition 17 - 12 november 2005

The translation of the Winston Smith Project freesite must go on; we need you to volunteer for this job. Write or send a message if you can help us. At this moment, only the homepage is in English; be patient !
The site is avalaible as Tor hidden service ; you need to install Tor and Privoxy, and connect to the URI << http://bedomnoligrjoykk.onion/ >>
The Winston Smith Project freesite is inserted as container freesite; this will allow for easier retrieval of textual and html pages.
The Winston Smith Project organized E-privacy 2005 , held in Florence the 28th and 29th may; you can find papers on this << site >> .
The Project was at SMAU e-Academy 2005 , together with (and thanks to) << >> ; papers are on the<< e-Academy >> site.

From past editions
Added two new articles that the Project, in association with << >>, published during << MOCA 2004 >> as part of the special issue of << Butchered from Inside >> e-zine.
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Winston Smith is the main character of "1984", the famous George Orwell's novel; at the end of the novel, Winston Smith is defeated by the Big Brother.

Today, in the Third Millennium, Big Brother is between us, materialized from the printed paper of a book to the real world, and become bigger each day; this happens unnoticed or approved by the majority of people, .

    We don't want this happens !

    We have the instruments to save our privacy.

    We don't watch passively the coming of Big Brother.

    We'll do all we can do to avoid that in the third millennium, Orwell's vision, or better Orwell's nightmare become reality, that Big Brother take control of our privacy and our lives.

Luckily, we are not yet in Winston Smith's world, where he/we need to fight against a consolidated establishment; in the real world we can still stop his growth.

In the '90, with the introduction of P.G.P.(Pretty Good Privacy) and other cryptographic system for personal use, this danger seems defeated. In the following years newer and stronger privacy instruments were developed: Anonymous Remailer, anonymous peer-to-peer network like Freenet, free software version of Pgp.

Unfortunately, the strength of all powerful defense systems is greatly reduced because too few people know it and fewer use it. More people use it, more difficult to obtain a global control of our lives become.

What we need to do ? We think that the attempt to directly teach the use of the privacy self-defense already failed, and in the present globalization cannot have any practical usefulness.

For this reason we think we need to achieve a multiplying factor, to reach enough people that use and live partly in the Net.

The Winston Smith Project's objective is to facilitate the creation of "E-privacy service provider", giving them the know-how and the documentation needed to the setup of "E-privacy public servers".

As first goal, the Project will make software & documentation kits to make easier build and startup Freenet servers, Anonymous Remailers and Anonymous Proxy, and at the same time give maximum visibility of all those resources to end users.
Doing that, we'll build a team of people able to give technical support to individual that want to install and operate privacy servers and to end users.

We think that the resources needed to build privacy server (free, freely available, operated by volunteers as usual on the good 'ol Internet) are common on the Net, like the concern about privacy in the globalized world.

We want be the catalyzer; do you have spare time and knowledge to invest here ? Follow us in this adventure !


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